Buckley's Fine Filet Gr

Buckley's Fine Filet Grill
5355 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38119
Dinner Only 7 Nights 5-10

Buckley's Lunchbox
919 S Yates Rd
Memphis, TN 38120
Lunch Only M-F 11-3

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Did you know that we mail to over 38 states? Buckley's extended family reaches out all over the country. Memphis is America's distribution center and with that comes plenty of visitors. Not to mention the second most visited house in the United States....GRACELAND....the home of Elvis Presley!

Our newsletter is ONLY by REQUEST! This means that we ONLY MAIL to those who want to read it! Ever wonder why our restaurant is on a wait on a Monday night? Lot's of Friends.

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Ken & Jeff
owners & friends since 8th grade!