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This recession has touched all of us one way or another. Down cycles in the economy challenge us as a nation and a community to become better and stronger. As we navigate these rough times we must not forget those who may need a little help along the way.

Jeff and I want to introduce you to some of our friends…the fine ladies of Martha’s Manor. Martha’s Manor, if you are not familiar, is a one of a kind program designed to cater to the needs of women with disabilities. Celebrating it’s twenty fifth year, Martha’s Manor was started to meet the needs of ladies who had graduated from Special Education programs. The goal of the program, which meets five days a week (8:00-4:00), is to provide opportunities for mentally challenged women so they may grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Most special needs people find themselves with nowhere to go after graduation and become dependent upon someone else. Their involvement with others becomes very limited as well as very demanding on the family. As one family put it, “without a place like Martha’s Manor, she would be home in the back room watching television… now she is able to associate with other people who are more like her. It enhances her life, something that an aging parent like myself cannot always give 24/7.”

You will be hearing about Martha’s Manor a little more from us. They are seeking a new location because the one they are in is getting a little more expensive to operate. Like many charities, these slow times have hurt donations and the taxes have gone up forcing the landlord to adjust appropriately. Intentions are all great, but at the end of the day, these really special ladies need some angels to watch over them.
Ellen Castleman, assistant, and Mike Hodges, Program Director. They are awesome with these ladies and always have great things for them to do!

Martha’s Manor has been under the direction of Mike Hodges for many years. (Many know her daughter, Beth, who worked her way through college at Buckley’s.) Operating on a shoe-string budget, she has been able to keep enrollment fees at $400 per month. They also have been able to gather some scholarships for some ladies who were not able to afford the enrollment. When you really think about it, $20 a day or $2.50 and hour for a loving place to go five days a week is quite a value.

I encourage you to drop by Martha’s Manor anytime and see what it is all about. I can assure you these ladies will give you a giant smile, probably a hug, and you will definitely feel the love in the room. There is absolutely no doubt on this! If you would like to make a donation of any amount, they have a website. www.marthasmanor.com (Anyone wanting to donate a small building so they could have a permanent location?)

I know every charity is beating down your door and we all have our charities that our close to us. You can rest assure that we will not be hitting you up for money. Jeff and I would just like to make you aware that GREAT things like this exist in Memphis. This is the only program in the United States like this and it is in your back door. They do rely on charitable hearts and if you have a soft spot in your heart for those who need life-long-guardians, then this maybe something you should know is out there.

God Bless you for all of your kindness!


These lovely women need your assistance. Your contribution can help enhance their lives. Any donation is appreciated no matter how big or small. Also if you know of someone who is looking for a program like this, please tell them about Marha's Manor. So many people do not know this resource is out there.

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Ken & Jeff
owners & friends since 8th grade!