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being green

No matter what you do you are never going to please everyone. How many times in your life have you heard that. Well, this is another one of those times.

If you remember, somewhere at sometime you signed up requesting to receive our newsletter. In fact, only those who request our newsletter receive it. There is no need to spend countless hours writing, photographing, publishing, and mailing to someone who is not going to read your newsletter.

This last issue has provoked a couple of our guests to write in. Criticism and comments are always welcomed. In fact, they are encouraged. This is the reason for communicating these specific thoughts.

These guests communicated that I was not being very GREEN. This newsletter was unnecessary and was more harmful to the environment. They were kind and asked that I remove them from the list.

Of course we obliged. I totally understand, “BUT” sometimes you have to decide between being “GREEN” and focusing on our community.

green pad

Jeff and I make conscientious effort to spread the wealth. The last newsletter was printed by the Commercial Appeal printing. The Commercial Appeal has been under the economic gun facing layoffs and struggling to stay alive. We need a newspaper in our community so we felt like this helps in their struggle.

International Paper supplies a lot of the paper. Everyday we have employees from IP visit the Buckley’s Lunchbox as well as bring their family and friends in at night.

When we need extra copies sent to our restaurant, they are usually shipped via FedEX. FedEx went through a layoff of which some of our guests have experienced. Every little bit helps.

Last month we mailed close to 20,000 households. It is a very large private list. Memphis is one of the largest mail hubs in the country and yes... these postal workers live and work and eat in Memphis. The post office has struggled through this recession. Can you imagine not having a mailbox?

Maybe you have noticed that ninety percent of the content in “From the Grill” is about something else other than Buckley’s. We try to focus and support local businesses. We have been criticized for spending money featuring other companies. Our belief than any time you can help a friend you really are helping your community.

Hopefully this newsletter is about you and your friends. So many kind letters of people saying they look forward to getting their copy in the mail. Little Sally wrote to us a year ago to inform us that she was on a very fixed income and felt like she should be taken off the list because she was not able to visit Buckley’s as frequently. She explained that she read it from cover to cover and enjoyed seeing old friends and family in her newsletter. We are proud to continue to send Sally her newsletter.

Hopefully we add a breath of fresh air in a city that is filled with negative news, we feel that our newsletter is an ambassador to Memphis. Did you know that we send newsletters to thirty-eight states? So many business people that frequent Memphis have requested to get our newsletter. Maybe one day we can say that we mail to all fifty states.

Our point is this… we may not be totally “GREEN” but we feel like we our doing our part to help Memphis move along. If you do not want to get your copy of “From the Grill” just drop us a line. We totally understand. God bless your loyalty.











Ken & Jeff
owners & friends since 8th grade!