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What is up with the Grammar Slammer?

I (Ken) have been writing this newsletter for over six years now. It is a labor of love.

Not having any experience in newsletter writing, I have been forced to learn things the hard way. Not only did I have to find material to put in here, I had to learn all the software and graphics programs to end up with a finished product.

Spelling and proofing in the early days was the last thing on my mind. I was just tickled to be able to cut and paste a picture into the program!

As the newsletter audience grew, so did the number of letters letting me know this was spelled wrong or that was grammatically incorrect.

My wife made the comment, “I can’t believe people have the time to write in and let you know you spelled something wrong. If they only knew how much time you put into this newsletter.”

I told her that she was looking at this all wrong. This is the best news to my ears because it was an indicator that people were actually reading my newsletter. Most people throw mail like that away. These people should be rewarded!

This is when Jeff came up with the phrase, “Grammar Slammer.” Each month people send in a card letting me know I still can’t spell. I put them in a bucket and draw a winner each month.

This month’s winner sent his card from a cruise ship. I take that as a big honor when someone drags their Newsletter across the world.

I will never be an English major, but I enjoy putting the Buckley’s newsletter, “From the Grill” together. It is hard work and it gets awfully expensive when you are mailing out to 40,000 households, but it is a labor of love.

So the next time you see a misspelled word or an incomplete sentence, think of me wriitng up in my office after a twelve hour day at work. When you send in your card or highlighted newsletter, I think that is the highest compliment.










Ken & Jeff
owners & friends since 8th grade!