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Get FIT and WIN $$$

I had gottten a little chubby. My grandmother used to tell me "no one wants to buy food from a skinny guy!" Love ya Grandma but I had enough!

I challenged 40 people to get FIT. I put a $1000 on the line and challenged 40 people to lose more weight than me. At the end of the two months who ever lost the GREATEST percentage of weight WON!

Over 1700 Responded?

I accepted the first 40 to answer my challenge. We had over 1700 people respond. So many people that we are going to host another challenge. For those interested...pay close attention to your email...You must be quick to respond.

This is NOT for Everyone!

This is a fantastic opportunity to GET FIT and SUPPORT a great charity, WINGS Cancer Foundation!. We are only looking for those people that are committed to getting fit. This will be a 2 Month struggle! Out of the 40 people only 22 people had the courage to come back and weigh in.

Who says men lose faster than women?

Tracy Jordan was our
1st Belly Bust Challenge

Tracy Jordan lost 34 lbs (13.82%) to win the $1000 prize!

Mark Jordan lost 26 lbs (11.72%) and won $200 in Buckley's Gift Certificates
Ben McDaniel lost 36 lbs (11.25%) and won $200 in Buckley's GiftCertificates


22 people LOST a total weight of 394 lbs!

Just in 2months, these people have changed their lifestyle and are on their way to getting really fit. We cannot be more proud of all our challengers.


These BEFORE and AFTER PICS say alot...but if you talk with each one of these challengers they will tell you they feel so much more energetic, healthier, and more confident.


Michale Beeler, who not only works for us, but is a certified fitness trainer said it best ".Think of your organs and heart and how much harder they have to work each day. When you take care of their needs they will take care of you."


Buckley's Big Belly Bust #2



The orignal contest was so inspiring we had to do it again! This time we asked that each person put a little skin into the game. Entry fee of $50, each of the fifty people had two weeks to find two friends or family to join their team.

The teams came back and weighed in. They had two months to lose as much weight as possible and get healthy. Boy did they.

Out of 50 teams only 39 teams came back to weigh in and try to compete. Of the 39 teams, only 21 teams continued on for the final weigh-in.

These 21 teams lost am impressive 933.6 lbs not to mention so many inches in necklines and waist.

According John Antignane, who lost 37 Lbs, his wife was amazed he quit snoring. His doctor had told him it was the reduction in his neck that caused him to sleep better at night.

Ronnie Hughes, who already lost 40lbs before the weigh-in, signed up as a means to keep to keep focused and maintian his prior achievement. He ended up being the bifggest loser by losing an additional 52 lbs ! This killed the notion that if you already started losing you did’nt have a shot at winning. Ronnie went on to win the donated Macbook computer form MacAdvantage.

Each team gave themselves a team name. Dave Appleman’s team was named Dave’s Apples. His teammates consisted of Christie McClain and Sandra Warling.

Dave wanted to do this so bad but was reluctant because most scales could not accomodate his weight. Dave purchased a special scale to weigh in and two months later lost a whopping 58 lbs!
Let’s just say that Dave is able to weigh in on a traditional scale now.

Dave’s team combined lost 108 lbs! Christie lost 27 lbs and Sandra lost 23 lbs. Their team took home $2250 worth of prizes! Buckley’s could not be more proud.

Proceeds form this event went to the WING’S Cancer Foundation. Over $3000 dollars was donated to this worthwhile charity. Cancer affects one in three Americans.

Thanks to all that participated. Our goal was to plant seeds in our community and make aware that a healthy lifestyle can be fun. Hard work but very rewarding.

We have always said that the customer dictates what a restaurant prepares. Unfortunately if you were to try and make a living offering totally healthy alternatives you would go broke! Dining out is a treat and people want to splurge when they are treating themselves.

The intention of the Big Belly Bust was to make plant seeds in our community and change the way the consumer thinks. When the consumer demands more healthy alternatives the restaurant community will deliver.

We are glad to here that we have been successful at this. Ronnie Hughes, our BBB#2 winner and the pastor of Brunswick Baptist Church, has inspired over 80 people in his congregation to do the same challenge.

Gail Jackson, who competed in the first BBB and has lost over 40 lbs so far, has inspired ladies in her church to meet several times a week with a trainer.

This is an amazing process. These people are walking role models to others. In both contest, contestants would come in thinking of one goal, to win the challenge. By the end of the challenge, whether they won the cash prize or not they leave feeling like winners. One contestant lost 3lbs but felt that was a success especially after taking a week long cruise where food was everywhere! She explained that her story was told in the 3 inches missing in her waist and that was a pretty good ending!


I know you have QUESTIONS...

Q. Can I still eat at Buckley's?

A. YES! I have hired a fitness expert, Gerry Finney to go over our menu and pull out the extremely healthy choices. He instantly came up with seven delicious entrees that we are already serving.

Q. How do I sign up for this challenge?

A.Download your packet and print the last page (application page). Bring your signed application to the weigh-in date posted. There is an entry fee of $50. ALL proceeds will benefit the Wings Cancer Foundation

Q. How long is this challenge?

A. The Beginning Weigh-In will be
Saturday, February 19th, 2011
Buckley's Lunchbox
Between 9am -12pm. No exceptions!

The final weigh-in will be
Saturday, April 23, 2011
Buckley's Lunchbox
Time: 10 AM

Q. How do you win?

A. This is a contest based upon GREATEST PERCENTAGE OF WEIGHT LOSS

What are YOU waiting for???

Grab some friends and do this together...
take the Challenge!

This just might be your lucky day! Entry fees are nonrefundable and all proceeds from the challenge go to the WINGS Cancer Foundation


First Weigh-in February 19, 2011
Saturday 9am -12


Check out the story about the first Big Belly Bust Cahllenge in the Commercial Appeal











Ken & Jeff
owners & friends since 8th grade!