Buckley's Fine Filet Gr

Buckley's Fine Filet Grill
5355 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38119
Dinner Only 7 Nights 5-10

Buckley's Lunchbox
919 S Yates Rd
Memphis, TN 38120
Lunch Only M-F 11-3

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What is Grab-N-Go?

Buckley's Grab-N-Go is our latest greatest way of serving you takeout. It was designed on the idea that some nights you just want to grab some fresh dinner for you or your spouse or maybe your entire family but do not want to take the time to call and order and most of all wait for it to be prepared.

The delicious take-out alternatives are packed to feed up to three people. Freshly prepared by our chef each day, they are packed in convenient microwaveble dishes. Each item can be heated and ready to serve in 4 minutes or less. If you have leftovers, just place the lid back on top and store in your refrigerator.


Perfect for:

  • Busy families
  • when you need to take a friend dinner
  • New Mommies! They just absolutely love it.
  • Picking up today and eating tomorrow










Ken & Jeff
owners & friends since 8th grade!